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On the morning of April 28th, 2017, Geoinformatics Research Center (GIRC)-Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry held a launching workshop for the project “Honey Value Chain Development for Livelihood Improvement & Biodiversity Protection in Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park” at the meeting hall of Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park’s management board office.

The workshop honorably welcomed Mr. Nong Quoc Thuy-Department of Agriculture and Rural development of Ba Be District, Mr. Ma Van Quang and Mrs. Mach Thi Trang represented for Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park’s management board and regarding to local authorities who are representatives of 4 project pilot communes, that was, Mr. Ma Duc Thang, vice chairman of the people’s committee of Nam Cuong Commune, Mrs. Trieu Thi Hien, agroforestry and land administration officer of Khang Ninh commune, Mr. Be Duc Hoang, people’s committee of Quang Khe commune and Mr. Nong The To, agroforestry and land administration officer of Nam Mau commune. In addition, the workshop also featured typical beekeepers from pilot communes in the project area (Khang Ninh, Nam Mau, Nam Cuong and Quang Khe).

Begining the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, project manager, delivered a speech to welcome delegates of the launching workshop, presented and disseminated project up-coming plans and activities that will be executed in the coming time. He also emphasized the overall objectives of the project not only to develop honey value chain to increase employment as well as income for poor households located in the buffer zone of Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park, but it also contributes to sustainable exploration and management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation and ecological preservation in the region. One of the most important tasks of the project is to build a successful Ba Be honey brand, deliver Ba Be forest honey to desire consumers and all above make Ba Be honey to become one of the typical tourism specialties of the area.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu- project manager speeched at the workshop 

Also at the conference, bee expert Dr. Phung Duc Hoan, Faculty of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, Thai Nguyen University introduced the overview and benefits of developing honey value chain and the development of beekeeping in northern mountainous provinces. He also analyzed the favorable conditions and appropriate measures to promote beekeeping as well as honey quality and productivity in the North and in the buffer zone of Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park in particular. Beekeeping, accordingly, is one of the long-standing traditions of ethnic minorities in the north of Vietnam, in accordance with the tropical monsoon climate, abundant vegetation and above all, it is appropriated for low-income households living in the buffer zone of the park. In addition, Mr. Hoan also shared his practical experiences and answered questions from beekeepers about honey beekeeping techniques, honey harvesting methods and factors affecting the honey bees that beekeepers often encounter.

Dr. Phung Duc Hoan presented the overview of beekeeping

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Nong Quoc Thuy- Department of Agriculture and Rural development of Ba Be District highly appreciated the practicality of the project and hoped that the success of the project would create a prerequisite for expanding other livelihood development projects in the area. He also raised concerns about the development of economic categories of the district. In the past five years, many agroforestry related-projects have been implemented in the area, bi xanh thom, grainless persimmon and tea value chain development for instance, however, there have been none of the projects focusing on developing honey value chain as Ba Be honey supply has not met market demands. This project once implemented promises to bring high economic achievements, improve livelihood for local residents. And he also expected that Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in general and Geo-Informatics Research Center, in particular, would pay more attention to the disadvantaged communes in the district, illustrated by more and more livelihood improved-projects would be launched in the coming time, contributing to the poverty alleviation of ethnic minorities in the region.

Mr. Nong Quoc Thuy – Department of Agriculture and Rural development of Ba Be District gave a speech

On behalf of the Management Board of Ba Be ASEAN Heritage Park, Mr. Ma Van Quang expressed his pleasure to cooperate with Geo-Informatics Research Center - Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in implementing this project. He pledged that the Park management board would support all of its capacities and responsibilities to ensure the project will be progressed on schedule and achieve the highest efficiency. In addition, he hoped that the technical training courses would help local beekeepers resolve honey quality related- problems (color, condensed or diluted honey) and how to differentiate real Ba Be honey and external samples to ensure the quality of Ba Be honey.

Mr. Ma Van Quang – Management Board of Be Be AHP spoke at the workshop

The workshop took place with an opened discussion, beekeepers represented for pilot communes comfortably proposed their opinions to build and develop the project, suggested advantages and disadvantages to the development of beekeeping and hoped the project gets the most effectiveness. 

Mr. Chu Duc Hoe-A typical beekeeper in Nam Cuong commune in discussion

In order to conclude the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, project manager, appreciated the spirit of cooperation as well as useful contributions from local authorities and residents. In response, he committed that the project management board will do its utmost to assist people in improving their livelihoods through the development of honey value chains during and after the project period in order to bring Ba Be honey brand to domestic consumers and worldwide markets beyond.

Delegates took photography together

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