Reviewing Project Description: Application of information technology in environmental management in Bac Kan Province

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  The afternoon of April 18, 2017, Department of Science and Technology held a  meeting of the Council of Science and Technology to review detailed descriptions for  project: Application of information technology in environmental management in Bac Kan  province, proposed by Geoinformatics Research Center, Thai Nguyen University of  Agriculture and Forestry. Mrs. Do Thi Minh Hoa - Vice chairman of People's Committee -    Chairman of Provincial Council of science and technology presided over the meeting.

With the overall goal of creating effective environmental management and monitoring tools, the project was included five main parts: survey, data collection on monitoring sites, main environmental pollution stations in Bac Kan province; Application of GIS technology to build database system for environmental management; Building websites, management software for environmental databases; Scientific seminar; Training on technology transfer etc. During the meeting, Council members discussed consistently that the implementation of the project would create a tool for managing and monitoring the environment more effectively and economically in the whole provincial area, it would not only save time, and financial expenditures, but efforts of the local government in data searching and storage, regular and irregular reports also encountered. As a result, data extractions are easily progressed from management agencies in the province.

Mrs. Do Thi Minh Hoa –Vice chairman of People’s committee – Chairman of provincial Council of Science and Technology presided over the meeting

Council members requested project manager to add relevant legal documents, detailed monitoring stations in the area (mines, minerals processors, water sources, rivers and streams), enlightened the urgency of the project implementation, data collection (inheritably, new collected etc.,) and clear the agency receiving the possession and use of products after the project completion.

Concluded the meeting, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee - Chairman of the provincial Council of Science and Technology suggested project leader to accept the comments of the members of the Council to amend the project descriptions and submission. The Department of Science and Technology appraises and submits to the Provincial People's Committee for approval.


Source: Nguyen Hung – Department of Science and Technology, Bac Kan

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