Evaluation Conference on the Completion of Project: Standardization of Forest and Forestland Database in Bac Kan Province

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On the morning July 26th, 2017 at the meeting hall of Bac Kan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, UN-REDD office of Bac Kan province held a seminar to assess the completion of project: “Standardization of Forest and Forestland Database in Bac Kan Province”, consulted by Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) from 12/31/2016 to 7/25/2017.

     The seminar was attended by delegates from National UN-REDD office, UN-REDD Bac Kan,  Department of Natural Resource and Environment (DNRE), Forest Protection Department (FPD), Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Bac Kan province and Natural Resource and Environment Committee Division, Division of Forest Protection from 4 districts, Ba Be, Cho Moi, Na Ri and Pac Nam.

     Regarding to the consultant team- Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, the seminar witnessed the presence of Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu – Project manager, Mr. Vu Hong Quan and Mr. Duong Van Huy – Officers of Geoinformatics Research Center (GIRC).

     Opening the seminar, Mr. Ha Xuan Ky – Coordinator of Bac Kan UN-REDD office welcomed delegates attending the seminar and hoped delegates will openly assess and contribute ideas to the completion of project in order to ensure the project is regularly carried out in accordance with the project requirements. Likewise, those valuable contributions will partly assist consultant team to synchronize database into national FORMIS system and to be employable after the project ends. He also revealed that Bac Kan is one of the leading provinces in forest database management on national FORMIS system, this project, once completed, will make a breakthrough into the field of online forest and forestland database management nationwide. 

Mr. Ha Xuan Ky – Coordinator of UN-REDD phase II in Bac Kan province

     At the seminar, on behalf of consultant team, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu - Project manager reported the implementation and achievements of the project. In detail, the consultant team has completed more than 90% of the proposed work, in which the team agreeded with provincial FPD about the quantities of data fields and forestland parcels to be updated. The number of updated parcel, accordingly, was 39,094 (in which, the quantity of forest and forestland parcels to be updated was 36,649 and 2,445 was other land parcels) exceeded 15,094 parcels compared to original plan. Otherwise, the team has completed building forest and forestland maps in various scale (provincial, district and communal) for FPD and in the coming time, the team will discuss with FPD to launch FORMIS training courses for local FPD and DNRE officers to improve the ability of applying IT on forest management. In addition, Mr. Hieu also proposed recommendations to FPD and UN-REDD authorities to accelerate the effectiveness of the project. One of those was to launch IT training courses for provincial FPD and DNRE officers to extract and manages forest and forestland database from the National FORMIS system, so that relevant departments can share and exchange forest database most quickly and effectively.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu – Project manager 

     After listening to the detailed presentation, Mr. Le Quang Hanh - Representative for National UN-REDD office highly appreciated the qualification and responsibility of the consultant team. This is an important part of the National FORMIS-II project and will add the latest forestland database into the national forest monitoring system, and most important, this achievement will delivery contribution to decide whether Vietnam is capable of involving in REDD + programs in the future or not. He also expected that Bac Kan FPD, DNRE and other relevant sectors would cooperate to synchronize database accurately before uploading into the National FORMIS system. In addition, Mr. Hanh hoped the consultant team is willing to share technical difficulties encountered when executing project works, thereby the FPD could withdraw experiences and improvement once self-updating or re-editing the database.

Mr. Le Quang Hanh – Representative for National UN-REDD office

     Speaking at the conference, Mr. Truong Phuc Vi – Department of Natural Resource and Environment  (DNRE) of Bac Kan province also exposed suggestions to finalize the project. However, he also pointed out several problems about forest and forestland management in Bac Kan. Since the past, the forest database of the province has been managed by two units, namely the Forest Protection Department (FDA) and DNRE. The forest data, unfortunately, is somehow non-uniformed; the total area of all forest types is partly different caused disagreement and difficulties in policy enforcement and decision-making. As a result, Mr. Vi hoped the FDA, UN-REDD and  (DNRE) should unify the database of forest types (natural forest, special use forest and production forest ...) based on the legal documents. Thus, the department can use the database from FORMIS system for future economic development projects.

Mr. Truong Phuc Vi – Department of Resource and Environment, Bac Kan

     The open discussion also received numerous comments for the correction and completion of the forest database standardization from Natural Resources and Evironment Committee Division and Forest Protection Divisions. These representatives also appreciated the meaningfulness and purposes of the project not because of various forest databases were fully updated in parcels and plots, but also helped authorities to manage and monitor the forestland variation most quickly as well as accurately. Furthermore, in term of employing IT in forestland management,  they expected the consultant team together with Provincial FPD could deliver QGIS training courses to help district FPD officers to be capable of using FORMIS system to extract reports and monitor forest database within district scale.

Ms. Ha Thi Huong  – Representative for Cho Moi District

     Regarding the provincial FPD, who directly benefited from the project, Mr. Ma Doan Thuan highly recognized the value of the project achievements, which would provide the basis for FPD to consult provincial authorities to adjust policies and regulations linked to sustainable economic development and forest protection. On this occasion, Mr. Thuan also answered enquiries from delegates and committed that the non-uniformed forest database problem between FPD and DARD would be well reviewed in accordance with legal regulations and documents. Besides, FPD will discuss with relevant parties to inspect standardized forest databases carefully before synchronizing into the national FORMIS system to avoid uncertainties.

Mr. Ma Doan Thuan – Bac Kan FPD

     After listening to positive contributions from participants, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu - Project manager gratefully thanked the concerned parties and promised these comments would be considered during progress of project completion. He also admitted that this has been an important project with huge workloads and frequent difficulties encountered during implementation. However, thanks to the full-hearted coordination between National UN-REDD, UN- REDD Bac Kan, Provincial FPD and other relevant parties for providing essential data, the progress and quality of works have always met the ToR of the project and none of the defectiveness occurred.

          At the end of the workshop, Mr. Ha Xuan Ky – Coordinator of UN-REDD Bac Kan acknowledged delegates for the workshop attendance and useful information sharing. He also requested the consultant team to absorb comments from participants to finish the final report according to the project requirements and soon finalized the database to synchronize Bac Kan forest database into the national FORMIS system.

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