Bid acceptance workshop: Building the online urban construction planning system for Bac Kan province.

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On Dec 4th, 2017, Bac Kan Department of Construction held a meeting to evaluate bid accomplishment: Building the online urban construction planning system for Bac Kan Province under the consultancy of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF).

The meeting witnessed representatives from provincial People’s Committee Office; Directors and leaders of Department of Construction; Vice-director of Department of Information and Communication, and leaders of Economic and Infrastructure unit of Bac Kan City.

Regarding to consulting firm, Mr. Hieu Nguyen Van – Director of Geoinformatics Research Center - TUAF, project manager, presented the accomplishment to the council.

Accomplished results:


1. Building the system structure: The system structure of publicizing construction planning of Bac Kan province was built in web-based application which employ news, images, GIS database and the entire database of urban planning of the province. This system uses an opened source that store data in high capacity storage server with high access speed. Otherwise, the system can assist Provincial Department of Construction easily to update information, plans of publicizing urban planning, planning decisions and approvals and up-to-date planning projects to all objects of interest through Internet accessible devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and among others.

2. Building the Information site: Information pages were designed to display the contents related to tasks of publishing and publicizing construction planning and was divided into four categories: news, planning information, investors and potential projects. In addition, approval decisions and planning descriptions of projects or planning maps were scanned and digitalized to upload on the site. The specialized data library helps to manage, publish standard documents and designs, convenient for searching, referring to the specialized information.

3. Building the database: The database of the system was developed including database of news and GIS database. For GIS database, it was built to help the management of construction planning database, and it is consistent from scale, for instance provincial planning, general planning, zoning planning, detailed planning to specific objects (land plots, parcels) on each map (schemes) of the planning. Furthermore, paper form planning maps will be digitalized, in which digital maps (AutoCAD) is converted to “* .Shp” data. Thanks to GIS software, and spatial data for correcting defective polygons and fonts used for attribute data of land lots and parcels will be corrected prior to synchronizing into the system

4. Building the software: The GIS database management software is an open source, free-of-charge, GIS code-based, non-pirated, and object-oriented. In addition, it is programmed in Php, Java, and JavaScripts languages, using GeoServer technology to display maps and software lookup functions. The administrators can easily manage, edit, update and display data layers, objects and properties on the map. Users (guest system) can easily look up to planning projects through supporting tools such as data viewing, measuring, queries and statistics in a flexible manner.

Conclusions of the Council:

The consultants have completed the content of the package in accordance with the schedule and technical requirements of the Construction and Information Technology and Telecommunication sector.

However, according to the scale of the contract, GIS database system has just established 11 layers out of the 72 layers of the general planning maps of Bac Kan Province.  

As a result, the council recommended to extend the project to update GIS database of the system for map layers not been included yet in the system, in order to facilitate the management of general construction planning, regional and provincial urban planning and specific urban construction planning in coming time.

Also recommended publishing the urban planning information system into the link ( on Bac Kan Portal, and the website of Department of Construction, Bac Kan Province 


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