Report on Progress for the forest and forestry land database standardization of Bac Kan province

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        On the morning of May 19th,2017 Bac Kan UN-REDD Programme Executive Board held a meeting to report progress for the bidding of forest and forestry land database standardization in Bac Kan province at the meeting hall of Bac Kan Forest Protection Department (FPD). The meeting took place with the presence of consultant team, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

       The event honorably witnessed the participation of Bac Kan UN-REDD Programme Executive Board, Mr. Ha Xuan Kỳ - programme coordinator; Mr. Le Quang Hanh - field coordinator; Mrs. Ly Thi Thu - forestry officer and Mr. Nguyen Van Mau - programme communication officer. Regarding provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD), the meeting also warmly welcomed Mrs. Duong Thi Anh -Deputy Head of Forest Development Division together with Mr. Phan Tieu Tuan and Mr. Ma Doan Thuan, FPD officers. In addition, the meeting also featured the consultant team, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu - the project manager, along with Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan and Mrs. Tran Huyen Trang – the project consultants.

        At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu - the project manager, briefly reported the progress of implementing major parts of the bidding 10 forests and forestland database standardization of Bac Kan province. In detail, consultant team has finalized detailed instructions with supervision side; collected necessary data for forest management and supervision; agreed with provincial Natural resources and Environment and Agricultural sectors on forestland attribute data and classification; discussed with provincial FPD and Department of Forestry to guarantee data fields would be fully reviewed and updated.

     According to the progress report, seven districts and Bac Kan city have been reviewed and four of which need to be updated with additional data including Ba Be district (14.593 plots), Na Ri (2.613 plots), Pac Nam (4.766 plots) and Cho Moi (4.970 plots). The number of plots has been updated was about 21.690 over the 26.960 plots, and the consulting team is still updating the remaining quantity.

        In general, the works conducting progress has met the initial schedule although the addition of Cho Moi district (4.970 plots). On the other hand, a large number of plots required splitting, merging and re-editing that caused the progress run roughly during the implementation. Mr. Hieu also delivered upcoming plans, that is, working with Bac Kan FPD and Department of Natural Resource and Environment to update and add more information into data fields as well as solve several problems encountered during executing works in order to complete the entire database standardization at the end of May and finish final reports prior to June 15th.

        After assessing the progress report, Mr. Ha Xuan Ky, Bac Kan UN-REDD programme coordinator, highly appreciated the spirit and responsibility of the consultancy. He also requested the consultant team complete the report before June 15th and send a soft copy to the executive board of the second phase UN-REDD programme of Bac Kan province (PPMU) as well as to the provincial FPD for pre-inspection prior to approval. Furthermore, before submitting the report for official acceptance, it is necessary to inform the management team to arrange reasonable time and location to confirm the FPD, FAO, PPMU participation.

         According to provincial FPD, Mr. Phan Tieu Tuan, FPD official, also asked the consultant team to update exactly two data fields, plot_code, and actor_id which required absolute accuracy. In addition, Mr. Le Quang Hanh, field coordinator, also requested the consultant team to support the editing of REDD + pilot data field in 3 SiRAP implemented-communes associated with benefit sharing namely Phuc Loc, Nong Ha and Quang Phong. Mr. Hanh suggested the Forest Protection Department should carefully inspect the database digitalization and figure out any problems that have not addressed yet prior to joining this database into the national FORMIS system in order to ensure the project outcomes will be usable.

      In order to conclude of the press meeting, the representative of Bac Kan UN-REDD Programme Executive Board appreciated the valuable comments from related sectors and he suggested the consultant team to review those comments and submit the progress reports in accordance with appendix C of the contract. From now to May 31st, the database standardization should be completed and cooperate with the provincial FPD to synchronize the data into the national FORMIS system. From June 1st to June 15th, the final report must be completed and send to PPMU and FPD before June 18th.

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