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      Nowaday, application of Information Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the fields of agriculture, forestry, natural resources and the environment have been developing in many countries in world as well as in Vietnam. 

      Thai nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry is a top training unit, scientific research and  technology transfer unit in northern mountainous region in the field of agriculture and forestry, environment and resources management. Due to the developing of high technology applications, in recent years, the university have actively applying information technology in education, scientific research and technology transfer. Especially, the application of remote sensing and GIS is an advantage associate with the expertise of the university, therefore, the training quality of several faculties are enhanced, the scientific research and technology transfer activities are improved and then more and more social productions are created.

      Therefore, the GeoInformatic Center was established to meet the requirement of computerization demand in the fields of agriculture and forestry, natural resources management, environmental monitoring and disaster warning.            

The vision: 

      Developing the GeoInformatic Center for training, scientific research and technology transfer, international cooperation in the fields of applying information technology, remote sensing, GIS in agriculture and forestry, environmental and resources management.           

The function:

  • Training for students the subjects which associate with remote sensing, GIS, information technology applications.
  • Performing research activities, transfering technology with local and international organizations which relate to remote sensing application, GIS, information technology applications and the environment in sustainable development.

The mission:

  • Organizing the training courses associate with remote sensing, GIS, information technology applications  for individuals and organizations inside and outside the university.
  • Performing the service activities, building computer softwares and databases, providing the data served for research, building and print out the thermatic maps.
  • Establishing the relationships, building a network of local and international counterparts that relate to the speciality of GIC.
  • Support the infrastructure, the specialized software, data for students, postgraduates, fellow inside and outside of the University, who come to contact with GIC.
  • Exploiting and implementing the project from scientific institutions, ministries, agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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